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Celebrate I Want You To Be Happy Day on March 3rd

Celebrate I Want You To Be Happy Day on March 3rd

Do you want to make someone feel happy and special? Well, then “I Want You To Be Happy Day” is for you. This day is also known as “National I Want You To Be Happy Day” in the United States. It is celebrated by people around the world on March 3rd every year. It is a selfless day, which means people set aside their selfish thoughts and try to do something to make others happy.

Despite the fact, happiness is a universal feeling or emotion, it can mean various things to different individuals. For example, some people might find happiness in eating delicious cakes and some in enjoying yummy sweets. In the present modern world, it is not difficult to fail to remember this and we take on a more self-driven perspective on happiness.

So, the “I Want You To Be Happy Day” also encourages us to see others’ happiness from their perspective. Putting a smile on someone’s face will in general put one on our own, as well.

I Want You To Be Happy Day is the ideal time when you give priority to someone else’s happiness first and make a special effort to cheer them up. Although, the origin of this unofficial holiday is unknown, people still celebrate this day every year. Sweetie2020 would like to wish all who celebrate this day a very joyful “I Wish You To Be Happy Day”.

Now, you might think how do you make someone happy or how you put a smile on someone’s face? Well, it doesn’t need to be a big surprise as this day is about doing small things to make others and yourself feel all cheered up and happy. 

There are literally endless ways to make someone happy, but here are some handful ways for you to get started:

  1. Gift – Well, buying a gift for someone will obviously make their day. And what best to buy for a gift then some delicious sweets or mouth-watering cakes. Download the Sweetie2020 app to find the best sweets & cakes available out there.
  2. Smile – A smile is definitely going to bring a smile to anyone’s face.
  3. Joke – Yes, a simply knock-knock joke can make someone laugh and happy. 
  4. Hug – Give a hug to someone you know or who needs it.
  5. Love – Remind someone you care about that you love them or let them know how much they mean to you. 
  6. Note – Write a nice note to someone you want to be happy. You can put a sticky note or send a text message, the emotion will be touched for sure.
  7. Compliment – Give someone a genuine compliment. It can have an instant impact on making them feel confident and of course happy.
  8. Flower – Giving someone a flower will definitely cheer them up.
  9. Hold Door – Yes, if you hold the door for someone, you will see a happy face right away.
  10. And if you want to try something fun, then pay for the coffee for someone who is behind you in line.

If you can make others happy or simply laugh, please do more of it as the world needs it more than ever. In case, you made someone happy by gifting a cake or sweets, then share that moment (via photos or video stories) on Sweetie2020 app with the hashtag #iwantyoutobehappyday and win amazing discount vouchers.

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