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Discover the Top 10 Delectable Arabian Desserts

Discover the Top 10 Delectable Arabian Desserts

Is your sweet tooth asking for a dose of sweet indulgence? Well, some of the most famous treats come from the Arab world, and we’ve assembled a delectable list of the absolute best Arabian desserts must try for every sweet lover. The Arab world is gigantic and properly, the pastries are bounty as well. From deep-fired Luqaimat to the mouth-watering Baklawa, here are the top 10 flavorful Arabic delicacies for you.

Maamoul – is made from semolina and all-purpose flours. The dough is then stuffed with dates, dates, walnuts, and pistachios before being sweetened and dusted with confectioner’s sugar. Maamoul can be turned vegan by using butter, coconut oil, or plant-based butter.


Umm Ali – or ‘Ali’s Mother’, is a popular dessert of ‘Eid celebrations and other holidays. The creamy bread and butter pudding is made with puff pastry or torn-up croissants layered in a dish with pistachios, dried coconut flakes and sultanas.

Umm Ali

Basbousa – is a Levantine cake made primarily of semolina and occasionally with powdered coconut. It’s a simple dessert to make and eat when compared to other regional desserts, so it’s popular with the local community after family meals. The recipe can be tweaked to suit individual preferences.


Chebab – Chebab is an Emirati favorite, and the local version of pancakes is everything you’ve dreamed of. Every restaurant that serves Chebab has their own closely-guarded recipe, which usually involves a serious spice infusion with generous helpings of turmeric, cardamom and saffron.


Khameer – is a traditional Emirati snack made from wheat or barley. There are many variations, including the use of dates, saffron and turmeric for added flavor. They resemble puffed up buns and are served with local honey and cheese.


Luqaimat – are deep-fried dumplings that are crispy on the outside, yet soft and fluffy on the inside. They are often served as a precursor to more substantial desserts in Arabian buffet spreads. The Lebanese dish is made with flour and yeast and flavored with cardamom and saffron.


Kunafa – It is one of the region’s favorite dishes. The dish is made up of a thick layer of mild white cheese and shredded wheat.


Assidat Al Boubar / Aseeda – is a delicious pumpkin pudding that toes the line between mildly sweet and slightly savory. It’s made of flour, sugar, cardamom, saffron and, of course, pumpkins.

Assidat Al Boubar / Aseeda

Baklawa – The multi-faceted dessert, which originated in Turkey, is crafted from filo pastry, stuffed with an assortment of nuts and drenched in sticky, sweet honey. Dubai boasts some of the finest sweet shops that specialize in traditional baklava.


Halawat el- Jibn – is a Syrian dessert filled with cream and made of semolina and cheese dough. It is said to have originated in the Syrian city of Hama, though it is also said to have originated in Homs, where it is considered a specialty.

Halawat el- Jibn

Source: Visit Dubai

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