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GCC Gluten-Free Food Products Market

GCC Gluten-Free Food Products Market

The GCC Gluten-free food is expected to increase by 9% at CAGR in the year 2021-2025. The increase in the market has been linked to the increasing incidence of celiac disease and gluten intolerance, the growing population, and people’s choice to eat healthy food. The huge demand for gluten-free food is also due to the growing population of the Western Expats in the region as well as the millennial’s choice to switch to a healthy lifestyle which will drive the GCC Gluten-Free Food Products market during the forecast periods.

GCC Gluten-free food products market is categorized into:

1.            By Product type (Pasta & Ready Meals, Bakery Product, Baby Food)

2.            By Distribution channel (Hypermarket/Supermarket, Grocery Store, Online & Others (Independent Food Store, Specialty Retailers, etc.))

3.            By Country (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar & Bahrain)

4.            By Company (Dr Schär, Barilla, etc.)

In terms of Product type, Pasta and Ready meals have the largest market share as it is the most in-demand due to its wide varieties in the market. This was followed by the Bakery products and Baby food with the smallest market share and fastest-growing segment in the GCC Gluten-Free Food Products Market.

Saudi Arabia is the top consumer of Gluten-free food due to the size of its population. UAE, Oman, and Kuwait are amongst the growing markets in the GCC due to the increasing numbers of available products in the online and offline channels. While Qatar and Bahrain showed the prevalence of the most international brand that will set to contributes to the market growth of Gluten-Free Food Products market in the said period.

Hypermarkets/Supermarkets have the largest market share because of the wide selection of international brands and product varieties. However, the online market is seen to be the most preferred and used distribution channel during the forecast period, due to its convenience.

Major brands operating in GCC gluten-free food products market include Dr. Schär, Barilla, Bob’s Red Mill, Nestle, Nairn’s, and others. The other companies include Glebe Farm, Alara, Kupiec, etc.

Source – TechSci Research

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