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Key Confectionery Trends for UAE Region

Key Confectionery Trends for UAE Region

Key confectionery trends for the UAE region center on healthier options and novelty product lines. According to the new industry reports, the UAE is one of the regions with the largest confectionery markets. Over the next two years, the chocolate subsector in the UAE is expected to grow by 12.7% in terms of value sales as consumers seek healthier alternatives to traditional confectionaries, health-related products that claim to have health benefits and smaller fun size items will become more popular.

The UAE’s sugar confectionery sector is expected to grow by US $800 million in 2021, with pastilles, gums, jellies, and chews accounting for the lion’s share of sales reaching $43.9 million. According to Innova Market Insights, experiential consumer demand will drive change. Based on the report, consumer curiosity to try something new and different is leading to more unusual flavors and blends.

New World trend will test consumer tastes

Mexico’s Best Creative Ingredients intends to entice the region’s producers and consumers with a variety of healthy and “alternative” ingredients. The ‘Munch’ knowledge sub-event will delve into the most recent trends, developments, regulatory updates, and innovations, as well as offer free brand licensing workshops. According to Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC), which organizes YUMMEX Middle East, those who are infinitely attuned to the market will be successful, and those insights can be obtained at the new Munch and brand licensing workshop.

Source: Confectionery Production

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