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Top 3 Desserts to Celebrate Kuwait National Day

Top 3 Desserts to Celebrate Kuwait National Day

Darabeel (درابيل) :

Darabeel is one of the most favorite desserts for Kuwaitis especially in the winter. It is a crispy delight biscuit made from eggs, flour, sugar and milk. To give it a unique taste sometimes cardamom & cinnamon are also added. People prefer dipping it in Saffron Milk as it makes it melt in your mouth.

Lugaimat (لقيمات‎) :

Lugaimat is one of the most best-selling desserts in Kuwait. Almost all Kuwaitis enjoy this dessert in their day-to-day life. The texture of this sweet is very delicate and soft from the inside and crunchy from the outside. We can feel the sweetness in our mouth as it is dipped in melted sugar and also topped with saffron (sometimes).

Gers Ogaily (قرص عقيلي‎) :

Gers Ogaily is another traditional Kuwaiti desert. It is a sweet sugary cake topped with saffron pieces. Saffron is the main component of Gers Ogaily as it gives the cake an astonishing smell and yellowish color. Typically, it is made from flour, eggs, cardamom, sugar and of ofcourse saffron.

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